Smud is a “game” about a character named Smud. I won’t say anything else in order to avoid spoilers. I think some part of me somewhere down in my lower pancreas was trying to express itself via this game.

Author: johnnyjinkle

Current version: 1.0



(Windows – exe) Smud1.0

(Mac – jar) Smud1.0

5 thoughts on “Smud

  1. skap

    Hey I wanted to comment on your thread at the javahub but the site down 😛
    I can’t launch the game on Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Java 7. The problem is a lwjgl bug that has been fixed in the newest version. So it would be great if you update lwjgl to the newest version, so I can try the game 😉

      1. skap

        Yes it works now. Pretty cool little game 😉 One thing you could add are some blood particle effects when you rip off body parts

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