Hordes of Humans

Hordes of Humans is a game where you play as a zombie that kills humans, a slight twist on the zombie shooter genre.

Author: Johnnyjinkle

Current Version: 1.0

IndieDB Page

Softpedia Page



(Windows – exe) SI_HordesOfHumans1.0

(MacOSX – jar) SI__HordesOfHumans1.0

7 thoughts on “Hordes of Humans

    1. johnnyjinkle Post author

      No, not at the moment. I’ll see if I can get a linux build in order soon (maybe the weekend). The reason there isn’t one currently is because of problems I’ve had with the linux lwjgl natives in the past, but I might as well give it another try (I haven’t given it an attempt since the summer). Thanks for the interest.

    1. johnnyjinkle Post author

      Create a method to check the position of your mouse. If the mouse is within the bounds of the button, and it is clicked, perform an action (such as enter the game). Call this method from your update method. Hopefully you are using some sort of Game State system, that will make it easy to change from the menu to the game (each has their own state). I use the Slick2d libraries, which have some very nice classes for building states.
      This may help you get started: http://thenewboston.org/list.php?cat=54

      have fun.


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