EditorOfText Archives

Update History:

Version 1.2:

-fixed a bug that made tables too condensed to write anything over about three characters long.

Version 1.1:

-added a word search template

-fixed a bug that kept the font from updating on new documents (documents created with “File>new”)

-note: I forgot to update the version number on this release, so it still shows “Version 1.0” on the “about” window.

Version 1.0:

– First release


Version 1.2:

(Multiplatform – jar) SI_EditorOfText 1.2

(Windows – exe) SI_EditorOfText1.2

Version 1.1:

(Multiplatform – jar) SI_EditorOfText 1.1

(Windows – exe) SI_EditorOfText1.1

Version 1.0:

(Multiplatform – jar) SI_EditorOfText 1.0

(Windows – exe) SI_EditorOfText1.0

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