Hordes of Humans Released!

After a period of underground development (or something), Hordes of Humans is ready for the public.

Hordes of Humans is a game where you play as a zombie that kills humans, a slight twist on the zombie shooter genre.

This is Swing Innovations’ first entry in the “one game a month challenge” (#1GAM)!

Download Page

Chester 0.9 — Ready For Download


And here is Chester, the base mesh all other characters that we will be making will be based on. He has a rig with IK/FK switchable arms, Set-Driven Key fingers, FK spine and IK legs. He should be fine for most animation application.


At least Maya 2012.



He is animation ready, so have fun 😛

Petri 1.0 release

Petri is a simulation game where you act as a scientist interfering with the lives of small microorganisms in a petri dish.

Download Page