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EditorOfText1.1 Update

Version 1.1 adds the “word search” template. This template is used to generate a random grid of letters to be used as a word search. The user can set the amount of rows and columns he/she wants the word search to have. However, the user has to modify the letters manually in order to place hidden words inside the grid.

I also fixed a bug that kept the font from updating on documents created by going to File>New.

Download Page

– Johnnyjinkle

New Software! SI_UnitConverter0.1.0

SI_UnitConverter can convert units of distance. The user enters a value, a preliminary unit, sets a unit to convert to, and presses enter to get the resulting value. It’s quite simple. As of this version, it can only use United States Customary Units of distance, but I hope to include the metric system in future updates.

Download Page

– johnnyjinkle