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Degeneration 1.1 update

Degeneration 1.1 is here. In this update I added some sounds to the game (more to come) and fixed (I hope) a bug concerning the regulation of the speed of falling items across different machines (with various cpu speeds). The items should take just under a second to fall across the screen. If you get something drastically different, please notify me (use the contact page).

download page


Degeneration 1.0 Release

I just released the first version of a game I’ve been working on. Its a item-collecting/avoiding, robot-fixing, quick dodging, and button smashing kind of game. Its still in its early stages so expect improvements.

Download Page


EditorOfText1.1 Update

Version 1.1 adds the “word search” template. This template is used to generate a random grid of letters to be used as a word search. The user can set the amount of rows and columns he/she wants the word search to have. However, the user has to modify the letters manually in order to place hidden words inside the grid.

I also fixed a bug that kept the font from updating on documents created by going to File>New.

Download Page

– Johnnyjinkle