Monthly Archives: April 2012

Applications now available in EXE format as well

All of our programs written in java (thus by johnnyjinkle) are now available in .exe format, in addition to the .jar format. This may be handy if you are on a Windows machine and were experiencing any problems with the .jars.


Company Founding & Site Launch

Swing Innovations was founded on April 28th 2012 by high school students and tech enthusiasts Johnnyjinkle and DanqueDynasty (screen names). It is currently more of a hobby than a company, but it plans to achieve great things in the areas of progamming and CGI.

Why “Swing” Innovations? In middle school, Johnnyjinkle and DanqueDynasty spent many a lunch with their friends sitting on the swing-set brainstorming ideas for products, companies, and even a conspiracy or two. Most of the ideas were ridiculous, but the dream of becoming a technology entrepreneur was planted in their minds.

Now a few years later, Johnnyjinkle and DanqueDynasty still hold a passion for tech and innovating. Now with more experience and better knowledge, the opportunities are endless.

(Taken from the “about” page)